Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Market overview : September 7th 2012

Another great week for the market as they keep thriving higher and higher. We got through the summer without any worries, and we're beginning on a good note one of the worse months historically for markets . We do not see all stocks as being overvalued, however, it is clear that finding cheaper ones is getting harder and harder. That is why we are hoping for a future drop in the markets.

Now, let's see how our ''Great investments'' are performing since our recommendations:

$AAPL up 28%
$EA up 22%
$CROX up 17%
$MCD up 3%
$WINA down 3%
$GES down 7.5%

We think some of them might be going up too fast:

$AAPL is continuing its non-stop rally and we do not see an end in sight as next week will be a major one for the company.

$EA has had quite the rally, and is moving up closer to its real value.

$CROX has also moved up significantly, but we still think it can go higher, as it is still only trading at 13x earnings.

Now, as for the others:

$MCD is up a bit and we think it is still a long-term buy.

$WINA is down from our alert and was recently at 49$ which was a good buying opportunity and at 52$ it still is.

$GES has been hit hard due to a dismal earnings report due to weak sales figure, especially in Europe. We think this setback is only temporary and you should view this as a buying opportunity, as Europe will surely recover from their crisis in 2, 5 or 10 years. You always have to keep a long term view on your investments.

Have a good weekend!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Great investments : $AAPL


This post will explain why we still like $AAPL following our post from may 19th when we recommended a buy for the stock at around 530$.

Apple may appear to be overvalued, however, if you look closely at the fundamentals, you will realize that it is not. In fact, with the current growth it is experiencing (50-75% a year), we find that it is slightly undervalued based on what we see of Apple right now and in the future. We are not saying it can maintain the same level of growth as in the past. However, the market is pricing $AAPL like it will only grow about 10-15% a year, which we find to be really conservative.

Apple will be making incredible new products in the future, whether its the Ipad mini, the iTv or something else. This means the company has a lot of room to grow, even though the general consensus is that they've already reached their limit given their size. The fact is there are still a lot of unexploited markets for Apple, some countries still have blackberries as their top smartphone usage. This will change, it's only a matter of time if Apple continues making a better and better Iphone.

The risks for Apple include competition, product cannibalization and reputation loss. For now, Samsung and Google are serious competitors in the smartphone and tablet markets. Other will try to join the race for a place at the top: Microsoft, RIM, Amazon, etc. Why do we believe Apple will continue to dominate?

First of all, they have the patents, which may not appear as an advantage, but this means that they came up with the ideas first. In the technology world, this is really important, as they are generally the ones who come out on top. With Steve Jobs allegedly leaving behind a 5-year plan for new products, it is safe to say that Apple will continue being a top innovative company. Also, as we have seen recently, their patents have the power to block the sales of some of the competition's products, like the Galaxy Tab from Samsung.

Second, Android have had a lot of problems with malware, bugs, which Apple rarely come across. This plays a major role in their reputation towards consumers, which Apple greatly benefits from.

Third, there is no doubt that the new Nexus 7 and Surface will have an effect on the Ipad's sales and pricing. The Ipad mini will provide for a cheaper alternative, however it will reduce the sales of the big Ipad's. Tablets seem to be falling in prices so rapidly, so the risk is that the Ipad's profit margin decreases significantly. However, we believe the innovation brought by Apple will be able to justify for the same pricing for new models in the coming years. If not, it will certainly make up for it with the volume of sales.

For us, it is a long term buy (3-5 years), but it definitively is not one to hold forever. Even for a short term play, we believe $AAPL is a good buy as their earnings keep growing year after year much faster that the analysts are expecting.

Debt = 0$
Forward P/E= 14
Growth = 50%-75% a year
ROE of 40%
Price target: 800$

Update: July 25th 2012

$AAPL is off its recent highs and settled at 570$ today as resulting from the "miss" in their recent quarterly report. We think this is a buying opportunity, as the report was actually all positive news, only that it was below expectations. The important thing is that their revenues are growing in every segment. The next two quarters should be massive for $AAPL, as they will release their new iPhone, reportedly the iPad Mini, and maybe even the iTV that will surely stir up holiday sales that will blow expectations.

Update: September 1st 2012

As expected, $AAPL is now moving up before the announcement of the new iPhone. The stock recently hit an all-time high of 668$. We think it is still a hold as new products will hit the market real soon and should increase their sales drastically.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great investments : $WINA

We are always on the lookout for undervalued small-cap stocks, as they usually have the most potential for huge returns. $WINA has dropped from its recent highs of 71$ to 55$ and is looking attractive.


How did we find $WINA as a potential great investment? Here are some key financial factors:
  • Return on equity: 40%
  • Yearly net income growth of about 40%
  • Debt to assets: 25%
  • P/E of 20
  • Insider ownership: +30%

Besides the great financials, we think their business model is great, as their franchises have tremendous growth possibilities in North America. 

We think the ''Plato's closet'' and ''Once upon a child'' franchises are the one that will grow the most rapidly, as they are the most profitable for the company. Management has done a tremendous job to grow these franchises over the years.

Here is a quick snapshot of the company's performance in each primary sector:

$WINA past performance (2007-2011)

$WINA has been growing impressively for the past 5 years even with the difficult economic conditions which did have an impact on the business as you can see from the 2008 and 2009 results. They have recovered nicely since with 12% revenue growth and more than 30% net income growth.

The current price of 55$ looks attractive, with a P/E ratio of 20, which appears to be a lot for a company this size. However, it is about the average ratio for the specialty retail industry, in which a rare amount of companies have as much potential as $WINA.

What's more is the recent insider activity which suggests the stock is a buy under 55$. The owner and CEO has been recently buying a whole lot of stock at prices ranging from 52$-57$, as shown in this snapshot:

$WINA insider trading (May 2011 to date)

Earnings projection

For these projections, our assumptions are as follow:

  • Given the unpredictability of the leasing business, we assumed that the revenues and earnings will not change in the next 5 years.
  • Franchising will be the real growth driver as revenues will continue rising at a 12% yearly rate.
  • We assume that the stock price is going to be valued the same (actual value of around 10x operating income) .

5-year projected performance (2012-2017)

We believe this level of growth is easily attainable by the company, and it could be even more if the leasing business grows as well.

The projected price for the stock is 75.99$ in 2017.This would give you an average return of 7-8%.


  • One of the most important risks is concerns on the CEO's successor. M. Morgan is aging and he is in charge of most of the critical aspects of the business. It is unclear as to if the company would continue growing without his contribution. However, given the recent insider buys, we believe there is a plan of action in a worse case scenario. 
  • The economy. The company is largely dependent on its franchisees, as they depend on the performance of their stores, and in the U.S. and Canadian economies. If the situation worsens, as it has in 2008 and 2009, the business will suffer considerably.
  • The leasing business might not be as profitable in the future given its unpredictability and competition. This risk will be mitigated if the franchising sector becomes more and more important for the company.


With the level of growth, and potential this company has with its great business model and great management, we think the stock is definitely a buy, in spite of the risky factors described before.

We are setting a buying a price target of 51$, which is a bit under what the CEO has been buying the stock for.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Market Overview : August 3rd 2012

Another up and down week, with stocks finishing strong on a +2% day today (friday) as the jobs market numbers were better than expected. With the Dow hitting 13k, which seems to be a big resistance point for the market, we think any bad news in the coming weeks might send stocks dropping, so watch out if you are over invested in these markets.

We still had big volatility for some of our picks which is positive because it created good opportunities:  $EA up 5%, $AAPL up 5%, $CROX up almost 2%, and $GES down 6%. We still think those companies are worth the buy even as they are getting more expensive.

It's a different story for the Canadian markets (TSX and TSX Venture) with stocks still going down as companies are underperforming. We think this will continue for the months and years to come as the economy and the housing market slows down. We are not recommending Canadian stocks for now.

We will be unveiling more great picks next week as some stocks still have some potential despite the market getting pricier week after week.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Market Overview : July 27th 2012

The market was off to a really bad start this week as earnings season took a bad turn for some big-timers: $MCD, $AAPL, $NFLX, $ZNGA, $FB. That and we also saw bad news coming from Europe with Spain's bond yields hitting record highs.

Our picks suffered as well ($EA, $BKE, $AAPL, $MCD), but some of them recovered later in the week: $CROX up nearly 20% Thursday alone, $GES up 8% this week, $IBM up 4%.

There have been great opportunities to pick up cheap stocks this week, and i'm sure there will be in the near future. For us, great buys for this week include: $AAPL, $MCD, $CROX, $BKE, $GES. Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Great investments : $MCD

$MCD's shares keep rising to new highs year after year. This year's no exception as the stock hit an all-time high of 102$ in January. It has recently fallen from that level and is now trading at 92$, which   appears to be an expensive price for this giant fast-food chain, but in fact it is not.


$MCD's net income, EPS, and dividend yield have all grown at double-digit rates since 1996 (for 15 years), and we believe that will continue for years to come.

The company keeps adding to sales by growing their number of franchise restaurants and by increasing revenues for existing restaurants. In fact, they have seen 104 consecutive months of growth in their comparable sales.

The current price level for $MCD's shares reflect that growth, with a P/E ratio of 17.

Earnings projection

We believe that the current return on equity and growth for $MCD will continue through new openings, adjusting menus to the current market trends and growth in unexploited markets. 

We are not saying that past growth will be matched, as $MCD has had some great years during the last two decades. However, we do not see why $MCD will not have some equally great years in the future.

Based on past growth average of 13.76%, we have prepared a net income projection to 2017:

On to EPS growth:

The current dividend yield on $MCD's shares is around 3% and it will continue going up year after year, which will add to your return:

If we now look at the estimated price and yield (at the current price of 92$) for the years 2012-2017:

If past growth continues for $MCD, the stock could more than double in 5 years and give you an 8% dividend yield on your original investment.

It is hard to predict if that will happen, however, we believe that $MCD will continue implementing their business model in further locations throughout the world and they will continue to return money to shareholders through increases in dividends and share buybacks, which will generate some growth, even if it won't be as much as in the past.


Because the earnings for the company are pretty stable and predictable, and also given the fact that $MCD has a safe corporate structure, great management team and business model, the risks for the company are minimal.

Those are some of the risks that could affect $MCD's earnings levels:

  • Competition: the industry of fast-food chains is a highly competitive one, and even though $MCD has a tremendous lead in the industry as it praises its high value meals at cheap prices.  However, it is still vulnerable to new product offerings (that are healthier, tastier, cheaper) being introduced by competitors that would drive down the appeal of $MCD's products.
  • Dramatic change in consumer habits: given the bad publicity $MCD has been a target of in the last few years, consumers might change their opinion on the company's food, and decide to stop going there. This risk has been battled by $MCD as their image has gone through a bit of a change recently with the introduction of their healthy choices menu. We believe they will continue to adapt to the changes in consumer's tastes.


$MCD is a great investment, and a stock to buy and hold forever, as we believe their franchises will keep growing worldwide and the company will keep returning cash flow to shareholders.

We are setting a buying price target for this one at 85$ (approx. 15x EPS), as we think that the stock has a chance to go down a bit more given the situation of global markets.

Put it in your watch list.

Update: July 25th 2012

$MCD is now real close to our buying target price of 85$. It is currently trading at 88$, and I would go ahead and call it a buy at this price.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Market Overview : July 20th 2012

Great week for stocks, as markets are thriving higher and higher.

For tech companies who reported earnings, almost all of them had good quarters: $IBM, $MSFT, $GOOG, $INTC and they have sent the NASDAQ soaring this week.

Our picks have also performed tremendously well: $EA, $CROX, $IBM, $GES, $LVS are all up significantly this week.

We've added more stocks to our watch list: $WINA which appears to be cheap with its recent drop in price, $MCD as a great long term stock, and $THI which we still hope to see further downside for.

It looks like a lot of optimism is stirring. The markets might continue their uptrend in the near term. Stocks are starting to look pricey though, so don't rush in to buy now, hold your ammunition  for better(worse) days. Friday's drop was just a wake up call.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saving for investing

You might be asking yourself questions like: Is it really worth it to save money? Is it not better to enjoy spending my money right now, get in debt, because anyway my salary will go up in the future? 

The majority of people will not save a dime, and those who do save, do it for the wrong reasons: to buy a house, a car, tuition for their kids. We're not saying that these are not good reasons, we're just saying they don't make you richer, in fact they actually trap you in keeping your job, not taking risks, being careful about what you spend in fear of not being able to pay back your debts. 

Why saving to buy a house is a bad idea

Most people will tell you to save money to buy your own house or condo. While you might want a house for reasons like family or privacy, you should realize that buying a house is not really an investment when you use it personally (buying it to lease it is). The main reason is that you have no money coming in from it, only coming out, for paying the mortgage (capital and interest), taxes, repairs and maintenance, etc. 

You will only gain from it only if: housing prices go up (which is never guaranteed), you decide to sell it, and if the appreciation in value makes up for all the interest that you paid on it. Most people don't even realize that by buying a house, you end up paying close to twice or sometimes even three times the original price. 

Let's do a simple example. You buy a house for 300 000$, mortgaged for 25 years at 4%. This will give you monthly payments of about 1 500$ or 18 000$ a year, which is a normal person's almost entire savings. What you end up paying is 300 000$ for the house and 170 000$ in interest. 

Let`s say the housing market goes up 5% a year over those 25 years, you will end up with a million dollar house, and a nice profit.

But, if the house's value goes up for 2% over those 25 years, then you will break even. If we include inflation, you actually will have lost money. 

However, the biggest loss is not monetary, it is actually the missed opportunities you would've had by doing something else with your money. 


Let's look at the chart below, that is the amount of money you could be saving up if you invested only 10 000$ a year for 50 years at a compounded interest rate of 5%:

You end up with 2 000 000$ after 50 years, enough to buy a bigger and much nicer house cash down (if the housing market does not go up more that 4% a year, which would give you the same house). 

So, this is already a better choice than to buy a house for an investment. Now, let's look at the second chart, which gives you your savings with a return of 10 % a year:

Guess what? You finish with close to 12 000 000$, and well enough to live out your retirement as you please. 

You could have your share of disagreements with this strategy, like not wanting to wait 50 years to buy a house, or the difficulty in earning a compounded rate of 5-10%. 

Well, we're not saying to wait it out, we're just saying to try to save up only 10 000$ a year, which with proper planning could be achievable even if you want to buy a house in the meantime.

The problem is people buy a house before saving. We're saying that saving is much more important. You should wait to have enough revenues to be able to save and pay for a mortgage at the same time to buy a house. 

Now, on to getting a compounded rate of 5-10% a year. We're saying it is possible to generate such returns. That is exactly where MoneyTweetz tries to help out. We seek and try to find stocks, real estate or other investments which could give you that kind of return. Actually, we're seeking returns in the order of 10-20% a year. 

Warren Buffet earned all his money during the years just on that principle. His Berkshire Hathaway was earning an incredible 20-30% a year with his stock picks and that is how he amassed a fortune over time to become one of the richest man alive. 

Here is the last chart that shows you the same 10 000$ a year invested at 20% a year this time:

That's right, you end up with 450 000 000$ in 50 years. Opportunities for attaining such returns do exist, they just have to be searched out. 

Of course, attaining this level of annual return is hard, to say the least, especially if you factor in taxes, commissions and investments that lose you money.


These examples demonstrate that not saving money could actually make you miss out on accumulating a great fortune, if managed well. 

Money managing is often not planned well enough, or left to an financial planner or an accountant. While they may give you good advice on saving and investing, they will never generate for you the kind of returns we are seeking. They will suggest buying mutual funds, that give you 3-5% returns, at best. 

We present you with a different perspective, one of value investing. You might find it to risky to invest so much in the stock market, but like Warren Buffet's famous quote specifies: risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Great investments: $EA

$EA`s stock price has hit a 10 year-low in the past days. We believe that this drop is unjustified, given that the company recently had one of their best years ever, and is moving towards profitability.


$EA`s FY13 strategy is to focus on growing digital revenues for their popular brand games, like FIFA and Battlefield. This means that they are focusing on games that generate positive results, in fact, they are releasing only 13 new titles for the coming year.

This will help them increase their profit margins, which have been historically low or negative. The market has responded negatively to this new strategy: the stock is down 50% year over year. However, we believe this strategy is great, and is the key to success for $EA in the future. As this pays off for their current profitable games, they will be able to provide all this digital content for their future new releases and increase their profitability.

Console gaming

The biggest argument against buying $EA would be that their sales will decrease because mobile and social gaming are getting more and more popular and their console brands will not be popular anymore, because of the slowdown in the console gaming market. However, we believe that gaming will continue to happen whether it is on a console, on mobile, on a website or on a tv.

EA has always adapted to the changes in the industry to be able to create great games for all the different consoles available at that time and they should continue to do so.  They have started to earn sigmificant revenues from digital sales with Nucleus, Origin and P4F. What's more is that their mobile and social games are actually quite popular: FIFA, Scrabble, Monopoly, Tetris are some of the best selling games in Apple`s app store.

Also, we believe it is only a matter of time before they bring out more of their brand games to mobiles and tablets, which should enable them to profit from that shift in gaming.

Earnings projection

For these projections, our assumptions are as follow:
  • 5% yearly growth for the European and North American markets
  • 20% yearly growth for Asia as the market is still not fully exploited
  • Decrease in cost of sales by 2% of net revenues every year because of the focus on digital sales which returns higher margins
  • Decrease in R&D expenses by 1% of net revenues every year as we believe technology will make the process of creating games be easier and less expensive
  • Stable marketing expenses 
  • Increase in other expenses by 2% of net revenues every year
  • Price/Earnings of 15 in 2022
  • Price/Sales of 0.85 in 2022 (same as today)
The range of estimated price in 10 years from now given the preceding assumptions is between 21.14$ and 31.05$, or a return of 91% to 180% from $EA`s current price. Annualized, that comes down to a 6.68% to 10.84% return.

How could $EA generate net revenues of 7.9G$ in 10 years from now?

Well, the FIFA and Battlefield brands are expected to sell about 20M copies each next year (FY 13). If the average revenue by copy is 30$, then that would be 600M$ in revenues for each brand. Given the current popularity of those brands and their international growth in the future, they will sell a lot more in 10 years. With 33M copies that sell for each brand, that comes up to 2G$ total, we believe those numbers are easily attainable in 10 years. Also, other brands will be able to generate those kinds of revenues: Madden, NBA Live, Sims, Burnout, NHL, Need for Speed, etc. If you add the mobile and social games, it adds up pretty fast. We also believe that game advertising will be a big revenue driver in the future, as well as digital content, which EA is currently exploiting really well.


A lot of risks could affect the revenue growth and cost reduction for $EA, these risks include:
  • $EA not being able to adapt to new technologies by not having the internal innovation to produce quality games.
  • Competitors producing new games that are similar to $EA`s games and are much better, or cheaper or both, which would give no reason for customers to buy $EA's products.
  • Loss of reputation after having marketed a badly reviewed game, or a game with bugs, or a crash/hacking in their servers with digital content (P4F, Origin, Nucleus).
  • Not being able to meet their sales target due to poor execution. Our earnings projections rely on $EA`s good marketing strategies, efficient product and inventory management, and competent employees. These factors could all have a negative impact on sales if poorly managed.
Their annual report has a list of all potential risks for $EA`s business, we believe the preceding ones are the most important. However, $EA has coped with those risks for almost 20 years now and we believe they are sufficiently capable of coping with them moving forward.


If you are satisfied with the rate of returns that the stock is projected to give you given our assumptions that EA will grow its revenues significantly while being able to increase profit margins, then $EA is a buy right now.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Market overview 13-07-2012

Another up and down week for the markets, which recovered all of its losses today (Friday). It did provide with some great buying opportunities, especially Thursday morning, when the market was down about 1.5%. You never know what will happen in the next few weeks: the Euro zone is still in crisis and the US recovery is starting to lose its steam. We are hoping for the market to go down some more, so that more buying opportunities arise. Now, if we move on to our picks:

  • $AAPL has rallied recently and is now trading above 600$, which gives it a reasonable P/E ratio of 15.
  • $CROX continued its descent, but rebounded Thursday after an analyst upgraded the stock. We believe it is still a buy.
  • $RMCF reported its earnings Tuesday with a nice 15% increase in quarterly net income. The stock dropped a little bit at first but has recovered since and is back to pre-earnings level. It has gone up a lot recently, so we think you should wait this one out for a better price.
  • $COOL has lost its steam as well, and is back down to 1.80$ after touching 2.05$ last week with the great news about the new partnership with Zynga. This one is risky, but we believe it is worth a shot at this level.
  • $EA is still trading at a cheap price, we will cover this stock soon in our ''Great investments'' page. 
Keep those picks in line, and make sure to visit us regularly, as new posts and pages are always getting updated. Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Market overview 06-07-2012

Another up and down week for stocks. Today (friday) was pretty bad, even for some of our picks, as the job numbers for the US were pretty disappointing. However, like always, we see new buying opportunities in slides in the market. Let's discuss some of our picks.

First, $AAPL has crossed 600$ again, and we have a feeling that this time it's for good. With rumors about the Ipad mini coming out this fall, some analysts are overly optimistic: we are too.

Next, $EA is still trading at a really low price, I think it is a good buy right now, as they announced a new Sims game for Facebook this week.

$CROX, after being up big time yesterday, has gone down again today, so it is still attractive.

Same thing for $GES, it is one of our best picks right now.

$RMCF: this one has gone up a whole lot more than I expected, up 20% from our alert last month. The earnings report will be coming out next week, which should be positive, but we never know what will happen to the stock's price.

In another thought, this week, we had announcements of decrease in sales in the Canadian real estate hot markets (Toronto and Vancouver). For now, we are not recommending any Canadian stocks (nor any real estate), as we are on the watch for a correction in housing prices.

That wraps it up for now. We are still hoping to see the market falling a bit more in the next few weeks, to be able to profit from cheaper stocks. Have a great weekend and remember that money never sleeps!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Great investments: $CROX

With a company growing this fast trading at such an attractive level, this is a perfect opportunity for an investment.

Crox has expanded to an international diversified footwear company with a recognized brand. Its expansion rate is really amazing as the company is now selling products in more than 90 countries. Growth is especially high in Asia, where they are making ground.

It is quite riskier than most stocks we usually recommend, if you look at their 5 year stock price chart, you will know why. They had some bad years in 2007 and 2008 due to mistakes in demand projections, but they have rebounded since with a turnover plan, that seems to be working great for them.

Debt = 0$
P/E= 11
ROE of 25%
Price target: 30$

Update: July 25th 2012

Today, $CROX released their quarterly figures, and they were impressive as they exceeded analyst's expectations (0.68$ EPS compared to 0.63$ consensus). The price seem to be moving up (+4.44% in AH trading). This one is a strong buy, as $CROX is still delivering strong growing results trading at less than 10 times earnings.

Update: September 9th 2012

We are including an estimation of $CROX's value to this post and the reason we think that it is still an excellent buy at the current market value of 18.24$/share.

$CROX estimation of owner earnings

2010 2011            2012 (est)
Net income   67 726.00 $   112 788.00 $      125 870.00 $
Depreciation   37 059.00 $    37 263.00 $        34 520.00 $
Capital expenditures   42 078.00 $-    41 664.00 $-        42 300.00 $-
Owner earnings   62 707.00 $   108 387.00 $      118 090.00 $
Growth 72.85% 8.95%


We assume that earnings will grow at least 8% a year for the next 10 years and 3% afterwards given $CROX strategy which will enable them to profit from Europe's recovery and Asia's growth.

Given those assumptions, the value of the shares as of today would be 25.81$, which is a 41.5% premium from today's price in the market.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Great investments: $GES

$GES = 30.10$

$GES is currently taking a hit along with most clothing retailers due mainly to concerns in the rising production costs and weakening demand for brand clothing.

However, we believe this is only temporary, as the Guess brand is growing year after year and should continue to do so in the future. They are actually expanding in Europe and Asia. If they could generate the same returns in those markets than in North America, then their stock will explode.

Debt = 0$
P/E = 11
ROE of 23%
Div. Yield = 2.6%
Price target: 43$

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Picks of the week 02-07-2012

This week, our picks are $LVS and $EA:

$LVS has tremendous growth potential and offers a great dividend yield. It has great opportunity for further growth in Asia while maintaining its current casinos and resorts that also will definitely keep growing.

$EA is still ridiculously cheap, its price is currently near a 10 year low. Video game stocks are getting crushed due to the industry shifting to mobile and social. $EA has a great game portfolio that is popular right now, and will continue to be played whether its on consoles, phones or social media.